Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It's the middle of the Summer, in the middle of the year, and Pink Slip Jam is in the middle of re-branding and sending out new press kits! Please stay tuned The new website looks beautiful, thanks to the artistry of Frances Ku at BOUNDFORDESIGN.COM   Thank you for your patience as we fine tune! Until then, Jam On!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Onward & Upward & Full Speed Ahead!

Hello & Happy New Year & Happy January! Pink Slip Jam is currently restructuring & planning new ways to offer the very finest jams, chutneys, and marmalades to an increasing audience of Jam Fans! As such, we took a little side trip to Los Angeles to visit the ever inspiring Renee Gunter of Daily Organics (aka DO!). We are collaborating on several projects & are eager to share the bounty with you. If you find yourselves in the City of Angels, please stop by Renee's Daily Organics where you will be able to procure the best in organic, seasonal produce, as well as Pink Slip Jam. She can be found via her blog or FB.

If you find yourselves in more northern climes, and are in Portland, OR, please stop by Nico Bella's jewel box of a shop, Spellbound Flowers, in downtown Portland. We have begun a Jam-of-the-Month Club on a limited basis and this month's selection is delightful! We are offering Epiphany Jam, a concoction of clementines, Tahitian vanilla bean, and peony blossom. Perfect on January mornings for your toast, English muffins, or in oatmeal!

Meanwhile, PSJ is pleased to remind everyone that last October, those enterprising Kinfolk Magazine folks published their stunning first book, The Kinfolk Table. Chock-full of beautiful photos, delectable recipes, and inspiring features of makers from all over. PSJ is honored to have been included and there are two recipes which have proven to be winners time & time again from us! Please get yourselves a copy of this amazing book. It is something to be read and cherished.

Stay tuned for more upcoming events, trunk shows, and February's jam selection. Hint: it will feature roses! That's the only hint you'll get!!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Trunk Show!!

For ONE DAY ONLY!! Tomorrow, August 24th, from High Noon till 2:00 we will have a little trunk show in the garden, featuring seasonal favorites of Pink Slip Jam, including jams & chutneys; as well as a spectacular opportunity to enjoy a reading with our own Sushila Battagione, tarot reader extraordinaire. You will not want to miss this opportunity! For those in Portland, please send a private message via FB for address details. For those outside of Portland, please send a message if you would like to order Pink Slip Jam. For those lucky to live in Lose Angeles, do yourselves a favor & visit Renee Gunter of Daily Organics (DO!) this weekend. Her produce is sublime & she will also be offering Pink Slip Jam (altho' I have heard rumors she may have squirreled the latest shipment away...)!

We are hoping to be able to hold regular events with some fun surprises, including our Autumn Mystic Pie...think: cider, readings, pumpkin pie, and all things Autumnal...

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Squirrel Some Away...

In honor of our furry creatures who are industrious & put things away for another day, this is a heads up to let all you Jam Fans know that a delivery of 2 of our most luscious flavors has been delivered to Salt & Straw Ice Cream on NW 23rd. There you will find Bluebarb, a perennial favorite consisting of blueberries, rhubarb, and cinnamon basil...this is one you will want to slather on muffins, pancakes, waffles, and crepes! The other concoction fresh off the delivery mobile is Strawberry Pink Peppercorn ~ a sweet yet spicy & floral combination perfectly suited to scones, bannoch bread, cookie sandwiches (think: Oatmeal Cookie with thin layer of this jam!), or this is one that makes a beautiful ribbon in a jam cake. You will not be disappointed! Stash some away to give as gifts! Store some away for yourself when you need a special treat! There are a very select few jars left of a Naked Fraise, too...this one is blushingly bare, made of strawberries & a hint of Meyer lemon. Some of us have been known to eat this with a spoon. More goodies coming your way. We try to be industrious!

With Gratitude For Jam Fans,
Pink Slip

Monday, February 25, 2013

It's Been Awhile...

Dear Jam Fans,
It has been quite awhile since a post was posted & it has been time for a re-grouping, a going inward, a re-assessment, of sorts. Jams are currently available in Portland at both Salt & Straw Ice Cream locations, as well as a select few flavors at Mag Big on Hawthorne and Starflower on 34th & Belmont. The first strawberries of the season should be coming soon and Spring is just around the corner! Pink Slip Jam shall return!

Jam, I Am,

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Magic

Thanksgiving Magic

Thanksgiving Day I like to see
Our cook perform her witchery.
She turns a pumpkin into pie
As easily as you or I
Can wave a hand or wink an eye.
She takes leftover bread and muffin
And changes them to turkey stuffin'.
She changes cranberries into sauce
And meats to stews and stews to broths;
And when she mixes gingerbread
It turns into a man instead
With frosting collar 'round his throat
And raisin buttons down his coat.
Oh, some like magic made by wands,
   And some read magic out of books,
And some like fairy spells and charms
   But I like magic made by cooks!
                                ~ Rowena Bastin Bennett

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Going Fast...

Hello Sunday! Pink Slip Jam does not believe in 'Black Friday', 'Cyber Monday' or 'Shop till You Drop'. Rather we embrace the small, local artisans who make things with their very own hands & take responsibility for creating things with appreciative people in mind. Today is the last day Pink Slip Jam comestibles will be available at Bernadette Breu on 6th & Hawthorne in Portland...they can also be found nestled among the shelves at these fine locations:

Salt & Straw Ice Cream (both locations)
Starflower on Belmont
Mag Big on 33rd & Hawthorne

Come get some!