Saturday, January 25, 2014

Onward & Upward & Full Speed Ahead!

Hello & Happy New Year & Happy January! Pink Slip Jam is currently restructuring & planning new ways to offer the very finest jams, chutneys, and marmalades to an increasing audience of Jam Fans! As such, we took a little side trip to Los Angeles to visit the ever inspiring Renee Gunter of Daily Organics (aka DO!). We are collaborating on several projects & are eager to share the bounty with you. If you find yourselves in the City of Angels, please stop by Renee's Daily Organics where you will be able to procure the best in organic, seasonal produce, as well as Pink Slip Jam. She can be found via her blog or FB.

If you find yourselves in more northern climes, and are in Portland, OR, please stop by Nico Bella's jewel box of a shop, Spellbound Flowers, in downtown Portland. We have begun a Jam-of-the-Month Club on a limited basis and this month's selection is delightful! We are offering Epiphany Jam, a concoction of clementines, Tahitian vanilla bean, and peony blossom. Perfect on January mornings for your toast, English muffins, or in oatmeal!

Meanwhile, PSJ is pleased to remind everyone that last October, those enterprising Kinfolk Magazine folks published their stunning first book, The Kinfolk Table. Chock-full of beautiful photos, delectable recipes, and inspiring features of makers from all over. PSJ is honored to have been included and there are two recipes which have proven to be winners time & time again from us! Please get yourselves a copy of this amazing book. It is something to be read and cherished.

Stay tuned for more upcoming events, trunk shows, and February's jam selection. Hint: it will feature roses! That's the only hint you'll get!!


  1. I am so excited to continue watching your journey unfold...praying for your 2014 successes

    1. Thanks!! It's going to be a very fun adventure!!