Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just For this Weekend...

Unless you are buying goods from small, independent artisans, local farmers, your local book store or record store, then consider opting out. We spent Black Friday at the coast, running the dog & kids, making turkey soup & watching a movie at home. On Saturday we worked around the house & made a big pile of out-grown books to donate to Childrens' Book Bank, loads of paper ephemera to donate to SCRAP (which is a local spot that kids can access for all sorts of school projects requiring old maps, envelopes, photos from magazines, etc.). We cleaned out drawers, did some baking, & so far, we don't seem to be suffering from deprivation. Just an idea, & I know small businesses depend on this busy shopping season, yet it is really nice to focus on something besides consumerism. Like the old AA adage, taken out of context, but still....'Just for today...'

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