Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thankful this is NOT a Black Friday Kind of Event

Dear Jam Fans~
For those of you in the Portland area, here is the latest collaboration between my fabulous neighbor, Christine Downs, & me. We had a wonderful holiday trunk show last year as well as a sweet trunk sale this last Summer. Christine does beautiful glass art & has had some terrific shows this year. We have a swell time whenever we get together & we can pretty much guarantee that if you stop by, we will chat, offer you food & drinks, & not pressure you to buy stuff! It would be great if you did, since that's the point of a sale, but the point is more about shopping locally with people you know, like, & trust. People who make things with their own hands from our own neighborhood! Please stop by on Friday night from 5:00 ~ 9:00! I am so grateful for my neighbors, friends, & supporters. Pink Slip Jam would be no where near as vibrant without all of you!

Many Thanks,
Jam, I Am

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