Tuesday, December 27, 2011

For Thought...

During the holiday times we tend to buy lots of food we might not normally think to purchase (here I am referring to our own household, but maybe this happens at your house, too). We want to entertain others & share our bounty and often our refrigerator shelves are groaning.  Clearly a First World Problem, if you can call it that...I'm grateful. There are loads of ways to use what you already have & I propose a little thought for each of us: what if we use what we already have before we plunge headlong into the market again? Consider leftovers turned into frittatas, soups, gratins, or stuffed into squash a la bell peppers...old bread? Make croutons. Old panettone? Toast it & use it for crisp topping. Old fruit cake? Um...well, that one has me stumped, but if it's the sort of fruit cake we used to get, then, um, I suggest sharing this with our bird friends who are wintering with us...You get the idea. In the New Year, provided the Mayan Prophesy doesn't come to fruition, let's all try to consume a little less, waste less, & use what is right in front of us! Happy New Year!

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