Thursday, April 5, 2012

Long After the Egg Hunt's Over

It is no secret that Pink Slip Jam is a huge fan of Mad Men...the 1960's were an era when women happily left the kitchen for another scene entirely, and American culture has never been the same since. My Grandmother made everything from scratch & was a farm wife. My Mother, on the other hand, skittered off to a job in the city & rarely looked back! I wanted the domestic scene where I'd come home from school with a Mom taking a fresh pie out of the oven, or canning pickles. No and no! Things come full circle and, despite more than a couple of careers, I am in the kitchen all the time and really like being here! With all this lead-in, here's the connection: This Sunday night, Easter, Pink Slip Jam will be joining local Mistress of Ceremonies, Fleur de Lethal, as we hold court at The Hollywood Theater on SE Sandy Blvd. here in Portland, OR. Pink Slip Jam has donated some jams as prizes for the trivia contest & will also be providing Clementine Syrup for a very special cocktail. I hear Champagne will be involved! Joan would approve.

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