Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Rose By Yet Another Name...

Easter Bunny has come & gone, eggs were dye'd, chocolate was consumed, quiche was made, and Bloody Mary was the preferred beverage of the morning. Once those things were accomplished, the real work began: Mad Men Night at The Hollywood Theater here in Portland, OR. Our local Hostess Extraordinaire, Nico Bella, (aka Fleur de Lethal), asked me to come up with a little something to enhance Cocktail Hour...I did. Pink Slip Jam created a Clementine & Vanilla Syrup which was incorporated into a lovely drink called 'The Ankle Singer'. Champagne was involved. The evening was effervescent. People loved it, and I received compliments, an empty bottle, and a request for something else for next week! So...without further ado, here is your advance notice for a new beverage, courtesy of Ms. Fleur de Lethal herself: A Basketful of Kisses. If you know your MM history, you will remember this is a slogan that changed the game for Peggy, lifting her from the ranks of the Secretarial Pool into the position of Junior Copywriter! Hmmm...maybe I just gave away the answer to a trivia question. No matter...you'll just have to start attending our shows! The Pink Slip addition to Champagne this week will be a beautiful rosy pink syrup, Rose Geranium. Suitable for any skin tone! I think I can safely say that, despite their enormous differences, Peggy, Joan, Betty, and Francine would all be satisfied (ahem)!

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