Monday, April 16, 2012

You Should'a Been There

Spring is most certainly in the air, and, as always, lust is in more than their hearts on Mad Men. Last night the incomparable Fleur de Lethal once again was Hostess to the weekly screening of your favorite naughty ad men (and mine) at The Hollywood Theater in Portland, OR. We had some delicious libations to offer, from the classic Champagne Cocktail, to the Bellini, then moving on to the Ankle Singer ( a very Joan Harris observation!), featuring Clementine & Vanilla Syrup. Last night PSJ debuted the Basketful of Kisses which included the Rose Geranium Syrup. This is a really great way for people to join together, have a fabulous beverage, watch some great TV on the big screen, maybe win some prizes, AND sample some of Pink Slip Jam wares! The lovely Nico & Marsina will be more than happy to advise you on all manner of cocktails, make up, and Don Draper issues which may be plaguing you! Come by! Season 5 is just getting hotter, the weather is warming up, and the cocktails are flowing!

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