Saturday, May 12, 2012

Have a Sweet Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of you! Where would any of us be without our Moms? Well, no where, that's for sure! Aside from the biological facts, our Moms are literally our EVERYTHING for the first few years. Moms nourish us, love us, clean up after us, help us to learn all sorts of things...from saying, "Please" and "Thank You", to tying our shoes (maybe I'm dating myself here...perhaps Velcro has taken over), but still, they pack our lunches, sign permission slips, purchase clothing for school plays, endless sports activities, and make cupcakes for school Bake Sales. They wash endless loads of laundry, remind us to write Thank You notes, make dinner, go grocery shopping, and remember to take the dog for a walk, even if the kids promised they would do that chore...

Some Moms have loads of help, some Moms do it without a whole lot of family support, and some Moms fall somewhere in between. The one thing I know from being a Mom to 3 boys is that this is the most important task I will ever endeavor: to be the sort of Mother who works & plays & teaches 3 boys to become 3 kind men, who are happy with themselves & are considerate to others, who offer help when asked & when not asked, who will give the world just a little something back. It's a monumental job! I have no idea if this will happen, yet I operate from a place of hope, faith, and sweetness. Speaking of which...

Pink Slip Jam has bare cupboards at the pantry, altho' if you would like to purchase some sweetness for your Mom, here are some places in town with stock:

Starflower ~ 34th & SE Belmont Street
The Woodsman Market ~ 45th & SE Division Street
Salt & Straw Ice Cream ~ both locations, NE Alberta & NW 23rd
Mag Big ~ 33rd & SE Hawthorne Blvd.

Meanwhile, I am going to be thinking of my sweet Mother, who is in my heart, tho' no longer living. She taught me so many things, she ironed those damn pleats in my Catholic school uniform (!), she insisted on good manners, and making my bed, and she always, always, always told me how much she loved me. I wish I could make her some toast & jam, yet am convinced she is happily crunching away on some English Muffins, smiling down, as I make more Pink Slip Jam & re-stock. She was a big believer in always having extra food in store! So, with these things in mind, Happy Mother's Day to you all!

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