Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our Lady of the Golden Pen

Remember Ginger from Gilligan's Island? Another saucy redhead from an iconic TV show that was actually made in the 1960's, as opposed to Mad Men which is a social commentary on the era, also shown on those lovely ubiquitous boxes we all have in our homes. The character of Joan is so well loved, so sought after each week, and for so many reasons: she is voluptuous, smart, can fix most office-related issues, and is absolutely luscious. I am not claiming a cocktail called The Golden Pen will solve your problems, although it IS luscious, saucy, has a golden glow about it, and packs just a little heat. Like Joan. Like Ginger. In case you have not had one of these beverages, The Golden Pen is made with a double dose of ginger, fresh & crystallized, black peppercorns, and secrets. A girls is entitled to a few. Please come out tonight to The Hollywood Theater on NE Sandy Blvd. in beautiful Portland, OR to enjoy the show on the big screen. Here's hoping lots of story line will happen tonight with Our Miss Joan!

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