Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nevermore Jam

One day last Summer, at an absurdly early hour, I was awakened with the words most parents consider with trepidation,

"Mommy! Look what I found!"

Blearily I opened my eyes to see, not more than 2 inches from my face, a fledgling crow, squawking, & looking none-too-pleased. A magnificent creature, with stunning black feathers, piercing blue eyes, & a pink beak became part of our household. He had landed unceremoniously into our chicken coop as his talons were backward. Apparently his grasp on things was a bit askew. After reviving myself with caffeine & carbohydrates, we set about  caring for our corvid friend. Feeding him mealworms was not the easiest task, yet we persevered. Today Norman is a loud & proud neighbor, residing part time in our Doug Fir tree for his Wintering accommodations. He Summers in the cherry tree. We love him & in honor of his good neighbor policy, a special & limited edition of jam has been created ~ Nevermore Jam, consisting of blackberries, blueberries, a syrup of Doug fir tip infusion, & all sorts of mischief. Norm would approve, if only he ate jam.

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