Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tropical Heatwave!

The title may be slightly's nowhere near 'tropical', nor would I call our (finally!) Summer weather a 'heatwave'. The temperatures are warm by Northwest standards, tho', & many people have asked recently how to best use some of the jam flavors currently available. Please don't limit yourself to toast! I really like Strawberry Pink Peppercorn as a spread with goat cheese or as an interesting condiment for ice cream. It's also really delicious if used with olive oil & Balsamic for a new spin on salad dressing. The various chutneys make great additions to charcuterie platters, in deviled eggs, or as additions to grilled meats. One of my favorites is the Peach Pistachio Chutney with grilled pork chops or pork loin, or with grilled chicken. Meanwhile, sit back, have a delicious cocktail using some fresh, local mint, & imagine you're in the tropics...we have less humidity, less mosquitoes, and beautiful produce right here in Portland, OR!

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