Thursday, August 25, 2011

Being Neighborly...

When I was growing up my neighborhood abounded with all sorts of people - what I remember most was everyone watching out for one another, knowing what may be going on in folks' lives, & generally, the message to me was to "Be a Good Neighbor". In fact, I think this was probably a title in various readers from 1st & 2nd grade. Now it seems people are so busy ~ everyone is working, running errands, or involved in activities taking them outside the 'hood. Not tonight! My wonderful neighbor, Christine Downs, & I are having our own Happy Hour reception in honor of her artwork. Christine currently has a display of her glass art up in a local coffee shop so this is a way to celebrate. We will be offering a variety of cheeses, crusty baguettes, some Pink Slip Jam chutney (most likely the Peach Pistachio & the Rhubarb Black Mustard Seed versions), some wine, and good cheer. If you'd like to come by, say 'Hello', perhaps purchase some art or comestibles, please do! We are being neighborly! Here are the details:

3275 SE Madison Street
Portland, OR 97214
From 5:00 ~ 7:00

We hope to see you this evening!


  1. Oh! How I wish I could be there. You really should be my neighbor. xoxo

  2. Won't you be, oh won't you be, won't you be my Neighbor?...with apologies to Mr. Rogers! xoxo