Friday, August 26, 2011

Festa Italiana

Gina, Sophia, Claudia, Monica...all those incredibly cool iconic women from Italy's golden age of cinema are, to me, the epitome of style, sophistication, (great eye make-up), nonchalance ~ in other words, nothing like the stereotypical Italian woman in the kitchen with simmering pots of water, ever at the ready to butta la pasta! Nope, the sirens simmer & smolder in an utterly different modality. Today we went to Festa Italiana for some inspiration, music, food, & a touch of te amo...if we were in Italy right about now we would not be making jam. It is swelteringly hot. Thus, it becomes far more convenient to think about Italian influences & flavors while remaining here in Portland. Figs are ripe so Heart of Darkness jam will soon be along. Apples (which I have never considered 'the forbidden fruit') are coming into the market, with pears following along. In keeping with the world of fashion which is always several seasons ahead, Pink Slip Jam will offer a preview of what's in store for the colder months: Meyer Lemon & Vanilla Jam, as well as B & B (Blood Orange & Bourbon), Cranberry Bog, & Sir Isaac's Folly. It's heady stuff. Perhaps not quite as enticing as Claudia Cardinale, but then, she wouldn't be caught in a canning kitchen!

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