Monday, August 22, 2011


My Father used to describe the weather in the Pacific Northwest as "2 seasons: the Rainy Season & the first 2 weeks of August." While dismal, this has, more or less, proven to be prophetic for the last 2 Summers. I have longed for the long, hot days of Summers of my youth (altho', admittedly, not the sticky hot nights)...with this in mind, this Summer we have nearly met a record: up until this past weekend the thermometer has not reached 90 degrees (previously not seen since 1958! This past weekend was stunningly glorious with temperatures in the 90's, a swim meet, a soccer tournament, jams to be made long before 10:00 a.m.! This weekend Pink Slip Jam made batches of Peach Pistachio Chutney & since Summer finally seems to be in full bloom, I would suggest you get yourselves some cheese, a crusty baguette, a chilled bottle of rose, and some Peach Pistachio Chutney. Head to the nearest park, pool, shady glen. Make a picnic, and enjoy this last burst of heat!

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