Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's That Time Again

Late Summer is such a bittersweet time...the light becomes Autumnal & begins to fade earlier & earlier in these parts. The days are hot yet the overriding sense is that school is about to start, work will intensify, & life will seem far less leisurely. Figs represent late Summer for me...they are beautiful to look upon, whether on the tree or on my plate, they smell heavenly & conjure memories of Italy, platters of prosciutto-wrapped fruits, and, Fig Newtons. They are a fruit that does not last long ~ they must be picked when they are ready & eaten right away. Pink Slip Jam makes an attempt to capture this season for just a little while longer with Heart of Darkness, a heady brew of figs combined with cocoa nibs, & cinnamon. This combination works well on toast alone, or in a tart, in thumbprint cookies, or used on a roast. I also have been known to eat it with chevre to try to extend my Summer days. We do not provide a Martini with our figs & jams, but you can, along with a lovely platter of cheeses & charcuterie to accompany Heart of Darkness. Enjoy the last of Summer ~ we'll be in the kitchen.

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  1. Yum. Heart of Darkness is in my future. I'll be ordering some Nevermore to go with it, to help us stumble along into the fall and winter, fast approaching. Maybe I can arrange for delivery by Stuart? We'll feed him dinner!