Monday, August 1, 2011

Hot Off the Press!

The lovely editors & the ever supportive Amara Holstein were kind enough to feature Pink Slip Jam in the latest issue of the Portland Monthly. There is a recipe included & while I did not state this in the interview, I think you would be a hit at your next potluck should you decide to make a homemade crostata or Italian jam tart using some Pink Slip Jam. I am even willing to bet your hostess just may invite you back! This has been a proven formula for me & you know what else?? You probably won't be taking home any left-overs...not bragging, just sayin'. Who knows?! You may even decide to throw caution to the wind & whip up a batch of homemade ice cream to go with...It's Summer. I say splurge on dessert. Life is short, after all. So is Summer in the Pacific Northwest!

Thank You Jam Fans! Thank You Portland Monthly! Thank You Farmers, Mother Nature, & everyone who helps me in myriad ways. xoxo

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  1. Check out the new Press & Participation page on Pink Slip Jam's website!