Friday, September 2, 2011

The Glory of September

You know you've had just about enough of one another come late Summer...Mothers everywhere will be rejoicing come Tuesday, and, lest you think you are the only Mom to harbor these thoughts, let me assure you, EVERY SINGLE Mom I know is ready to pack the lunches & say, 'Adios!'

If you are not THIS ready for school to begin, I can only assume you have had 'help' all Summer & lead quite a different lifestyle than me! I'm not suggesting we all love to wake up early, check homework, make beds, breakfast, lunches, check backpacks, & sign endless pieces of paper for permission slips. I'm just mentioning that by the dregs of Summer, the above option doesn't look so bad!

Mix up your PB&J with cashew butter, almond butter, pistachio butter, all sorts of different breads, bagels, flatbreads & crackers. Add PSJ to cream cheese & slather on toast for a decadent treat, or make some thumbprint cookies to sneak into the lunchbox.

Happy Back to School Everyone. If any of you Moms are toasting the occasion with something a bit more festive than coffee, please feel free to invite me! Or leave a comment!

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  1. You are the Bees Knees, love :) Enjoy that Bailey's "flavored" splash in your coffee on Tuesday!