Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Early Morning Help

After years of scrambling to make beds, make lunches, sign forms, get myself ready for the day, walk the dog, feed the parrot, and simultaneously make breakfast, I decided this year to do things differently. The boys make their own lunches (less waste if they make what they actually want to eat - who knew?!), they tidy up the kitchen, & we don't walk out the door until they've helped with the chores. They are all big, which has it's pluses & minuses, but if you eat three times as much as me, you can prepare at least one meal for yourselves! I propose double decker PBJ's. Maybe you have your own ideas. If so, please feel free to post! Have a great first week of school, Everyone!

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  1. Lost your card. Can u call me about your jams. Also want to chat with you about movie night:) - Hilda 503-234-8888