Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Little Back to School Pop Quiz!

All right all you produce-savvy jam fans! If you can correctly identify this fruit, be the first to post a comment on this blog & Pink Slip Jam will send you a jar of something really tasty. Bonus points awarded to you if you can name 2 famous writers who have referenced this particular flora. (Hint: one poet, in particular, mentioned this in a scandalous poem...). Good luck! May the best Jam Fan win! Today is Wednesday, contest will end on September 15, in honor of my son's birthday! I'd like to award a present to some lucky person & then make a special dessert for Desmond, who will turn 14!


  1. D. H. Lawrence spoke with such love of the medlar

  2. Ok, Ok, I posted a comment three times now and it doesn't seem to register. And the first one was at 2:20pm this afternoon with MEDLAR as the answer! Maybe this time it will work I promise, I did it!!!

  3. 'tis mespilus, of the family Rosaceae, much touted by Shakespeare in various works like R&Jules, M4Measure and AYLIt (thank you EngLit101), as well as DLawrence in the proverbial Fruit Poem....have never tasted it but must have the texture of a squished quince?