Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Apple Picking Time

Last Spring, when this photo was taken, cider, pumpkins, & chilly days seemed like a million miles away. Those days are here & Autumn is in full force! It's time to take in those apples, press them for cider, roast them with cinnamon & nuts, bake them into pies or fry them into fritters! I especially like apples made with tempura batter & then dipped in honey! Currently Pink Slip Jam is hard at work dicing these beauties for Sir Isaac's Folly, a spiced apple chutney, as well as 21st Century Mincemeat - these are perfect hostess gifts for this time of year, as well as great to stash away for the Holidays (whichever holiday you may celebrate!). The apple concoctions are delicious with latkes, turkey, and have even been known to provide a base for my friend Nancy's incredible kale salad (I'll have to beg for the recipe!)...If you are out pressing apples for cider, Pink Slip Jam will happily trade comestibles! This time is fleeting! Soon it will be dormant in the orchard & it will be time to consider cranberries!

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