Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pickling & Preserving the Harvest

Sometimes our gardens runneth over with bounty & sharing with your neighbors can be an excellent way to extend the abundance of whatever you may have grown. The exception to this rule (for me, anyway) would be a former neighbor who constantly gifted us with enormous, overgrown zucchini...there's only so much a person can take! Still, that hasn't happened for many years & I am always grateful for the gardening prowess many of my friends & neighbors bestow upon me. I now have squirreled away several jars of pickled green beans as well as a big jar of 'tomolives' ~ those tasty cocktail snacks made from green tomatoes. They are perfect accompaniments to Bloody Mary's & Martini's, or eaten in any number of ways with cheeses, charcuterie, picnics, as a side for roasts or Indian food. What are you pickling & preserving? Which foods do you crave in Winter?? Pink Slip Jam will soon be offering classes here in Portland. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, if you'd like, drop me a comment on what you most like to preserve!

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