Thursday, November 3, 2011


Post Dia de los Muertos & Halloween I have been thinking a lot about thankfulness & being grateful. Lately I am thankful that I can say what's on my mind in myriad forums. On the afternoon of October 31, before any trick or treaters rang the bell, I was dashing into my local Fred Meyer's to purchase some canning jars (they have great prices on them & the big companies do not sell wholesale!). I was immediately put off by huge displays of Christmas crap-o-la everywhere. I pitched a fit. I mentioned to a manager that I felt it was rushing the season, causing undo stress, & not appreciating the fact that we hadn't even had Halloween yet. Then I got to thinking...if it stressed me out, how must it feel to the Mom with 3 kids, who, perhaps, is unemployed & just trying to get by. She just wants to get some milk, bread, eggs, & bananas  & now has to deal with all the Christmas stuff...the whining, the begging, the buy! buy! buy! mentality?

The situation got me to consider what it must be like for people who already feel strapped & stressed, knowing the Holidays are looming & they are broke. So, yesterday Pink Slip Jam decided to collaborate with First Harvest, a Community Supported Kitchen Space, to create an event we are calling 'Occupy Your Kitchen!' We'll be offering low cost classes in using kitchen ingredients to make great, heart-felt gifts. None of them involve a trip to the mall, Target or Wal-Mart! I feel thankful that we are able to offer this.

In other news, Pink Slip Jam is making small batches of Cranberry Bog, our chipotle & cranberry concoction that will spice up your Thanksgiving turkey. It's not your average cranberry sauce! Recently a friend described Pink Slip Jam as "art spread on a cracker". Once again, I am filled with gratitude for my supporters, customers, family, & friends. Thanks. Thanks a bunch.

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