Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Fun & A Little Reminder

Yesterday was the Solstice & if my calendar serves me correctly, we're on Day 4 of Hanukah. Some people celebrate Krampus, some folks adore Epiphany. Some people choose to go for a hike & call it a day. I'm in favor of pretty much all of the above. For me it's all about the sharing of time, energy, & love with people you hold dear. And food. Let's not forget the food! So, on that note, here is a little heads-up about where you will find Pink Slip Jam, should you find yourselves needing stocking stuffers, hostess/host gifts, the "Oh Crap! I Cant Show Up Empty Handed"- situation, or any other gift giving dilemma you may be in:

The Woodsman Market ~ 45th & Division
Oui Presse ~ 18th & Hawthorne
Palace ~ 34th & Belmont
Icon Tattoo ~ N. Russell, across from Mint & The White Eagle
A Cena ~ a lovely ristorante in the Sellwood  district
Salt, Fire, & Time ~ NW 24th & Thurman

Or, from Pink Slip Jam directly. It's cutting it mighty fine for those of you who have procrastinated, but if you live in the greater Portland Metro area, I can probably swing some deliveries before Friday. It's Thursday. You get the idea.

And lastly, the photo?? Well, Pink Slip Jam attended a swell holiday soiree at Portland's own Salt & Straw ~ a fabulous ice cream extravaganza. Talks are planned for January for a collaboration...I won a silicon spatula at the gift exchange! This bodes well for 2012, Pink Slip, & Salt & Straw!

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