Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Down To the Wire

Normally we do not think of peaches this time of year...unless, of course, your Great Aunt Francis insists on serving some cling peaches as an appetizer...or unless you happen to find yourself in Venice, Italy, sipping Bellini's on the Grand Canal. Neither situation would be one in which I find myself. Why, you may be asking yourselves, would you be showing us this photo of some decidedly UNseasonal fruit?? Here's the answer:

Yesterday I posted about a local shop with only a few jars left of a couple of flavors. Thanks to tremendous & enthusiastic local response, Palace, on SE 34th & Belmont Avenue, has ONE tantalizing jar left of Lavender Peach Jam. This is it, folks! The LAST jar until next Summer...(no pressure)...but here is my pitch: after all the holiday shenanigans have settled down, a certain post-Festive gloom may descend. Your resolution to work out more, drink coffee, tea, booze, (fill in the blank) less, have gone by the wayside, the weather is gloomy, and a little hint of Summer might not be a bad thing. Pair this illusive flavor with some croissants, & you can pretty much send yourself on an imaginary vacation to Paris. Well, maybe not Paris...it's gray & rainy there in the Winter, too. But while you're teleporting yourself thru' the seasons, pick a sunny spot in southern France, brew yourself a cup of tea. Get out some local honey & the 'good' cups & saucers. Make some toast, & slather on some jam. Soon you will feel much happier, regardless of where you actually may be.

ONE jar left till next Summer, Jam Fans....and then you'll just have to practice your patience for peaches.

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