Monday, December 19, 2011

For You Last Minute Shoppers

In the midst of SE Portland, off of Belmont, in the neighborhood of 34th, there is a shop called Palace. They sell all manner of lovely clothing, local (and not-so-local) perfumes, an enticing assortment of personal adornment, and, coincidentally, Pink Slip Jam! Yesterday, when passing by, I could not help but notice that they are down to the last 4 jars! Quick! Get in there to purchase the very last Lavender Peach Jam until next Summer! They only have ONE jar left of Nevermore Jam (for which you have all heard the story of this flavor creation)!

If I were out shopping today I would scurry in there & buy someone on my list some Pink Slip! Whether they have been naughty or nice, everyone likes some reminder of Summer spread lavishly on their toast in the middle of Winter. It gives one hope for warmer days to come!

If you are so inclined, Pink Slip Jam is also available at The Woodsman Market, located at Division & SE 45th...they have other flavors, altho' upon inspection, I noticed they are down to 4 or 5 jars, too! Either way, Palace or The Woodsman Market, Pink Slip Jam is a lovely gift for yourself or others...think Christmas morning...jam, the English muffins from Julia Child's recipe, bacon, some perfectly poached eggs, maybe some juice and some coffee or tea....pure civility to get you prepared for the Big Day!

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