Sunday, December 18, 2011

When the Postman Bestows Lemons

Sometimes my friends do the kindest things! This last week my friend, Nancy, mailed me a package containing a shipment of her beautiful Meyer lemons...she knows I have a terrible weakness for these gems. So, when life presents me with lemons, I get down to business & make Meyer Lemon & Vanilla is so good on English Muffins (try Julia Child's recipe!), great in Thumbprint Cookies, and also really delightful on some marscapone as a sweet treat for the holidays. I have been known to combine some with ricotta for a great take on are some of those gorgeous citrus orbs nestled down in their sugar bath...Thank you, Nancy! I am so grateful!


  1. Thanks Suz, I have gifted many friends with your jams and I will make some thumbprint cookies with the lemon vanilla jam. I must say, the nevermore jam is delightful with such big pieces of berries. I love it on sourdogh toast. I will be sending more lemons and limes, haha!! I wonder, whatever you will do with those.....

  2. Thanks, Nan! I adore the fruit you send me! Such a great gift! As for the limes...I have an idea I am 'brewing' up! I'll let you in on the flavor after Christmas!