Monday, January 30, 2012

A Mutual Admiration Society

Portland is so very fortunate to have Kim Malek, Proprietor & Tyler Malek, Churn Master at the helm of Salt & Straw Ice Cream on NE Alberta Street. With flavors that are imaginative & filled with stories, they are truly at the forefront of confectionery delight. While trips to Gunther's Ice Cream Parlor & Vic's from my old neighborhood would make all of us kids squeal for joy, Salt & Straw captures the imagination of this particular adult and many more if the lines around the block give any indication!

Pink Slip Jam is honored to be included on their shelves of select merchandise & will be offering 3 flavors, beginning tomorrow, January 31. Stop in for some Nevermore Jam, In the Pink, or Meyer Lemon & Vanilla ~ all of these pair beautifully with ice cream, pancakes, toast, English muffins, or waffles. They also are delicious mixed with olive oil & used as a glaze for roasts or mixed with some vinegar & olive oil for a salad dressing with extra oomph.

Stop in & see what inspires you!

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