Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Some Forethought

Seville oranges are filled with seeds, they are incredibly tart, and not terribly easy to peel or slice. This is why Pink Slip Jam takes the easy route by not using them for marmalade making ventures! They are delicious in traditional comestibles, thick cut, lavishly spread on hot buttered crumpets. Yet I prefer to savor them long after they cannot be found in markets other than perhaps in Seville, Spain. In other words, I slice them up now, steep them in their baths of vodka & rose wine, add some spices, and sit the Summer, when the weather becomes hot & no one feels much like cooking, then I have a something to pull out & share: vin d'orange, chilled, served in lovely little aperitif glasses. The seeds, tartness, & rind will all be worth it...

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