Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Missed Opportunity...

Dear Jam Fans,
I am sad to say that the class scheduled for this Thursday, February 23 at Portland's own Salt, Fire & Time has been cancelled due to low enrollment. Tressa Yellig & i were all fired up to show you how to stash away some delicious vin d'orange for a little delayed gratification come Summer time. When it's hot outside, sometimes we have to do things the way the French do: a little chilled aperitif, a little snack...wait till the day cools down, THEN consider dinner. This truly is a beverage that is made for Portland Summers. It's true, Seville oranges are not local, but infusing them in some local vodka is a nod to our locavore enthusiasts. If anyone decides that they would like to learn how to make this tasty beverage, please be sure to leave a comment! I am certain Pink Slip Jam can arrange a class, but do not delay! Seville oranges are only here in markets for a short time, the infusion needs to sit undisturbed for 6~8 weeks, and by the time you'd like it, well, you'll just have to wait another year. Unless someone you know just happens to have her own personal stash squirreled away...

Just a Word to the Wise: Be Prepared!
Pink Slip

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