Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rock Hill Roses!

Inspiration comes from many places & today, quite by accident, I found myself inspired by roses all over again. I recently was gifted with a lovely cache of rose petals from my friend's garden. These will be finding their way into Rose City Jam, and all sorts of other jammy concoctions. Today, while minding my own beeswax, my friend, the produce manager, said,

 "You MUST smell these roses!"

I did as I was told...and was instantly transported to my Mother's garden, underneath her Cecille Bruner rose bush...heaven! The Rock Hill Roses come from a local grower who planted these all over the property as a relative had received these roses for a prom from decades back! These prom flowers led to romance, which led to courtship, which led to marriage...and they were together for 50+ years! The relatives used the original cuttings from the prom flowers & planted Cecille Bruner roses throughout their property...and now sell the posies in limited supply.

For a truly romantic recipe, I'd suggest making some rose petal syrup (equal parts sugar & water with rose petals)...The way I like using the syrup best is in champagne or sparkling wine. I also have been known to be quite fond of this gorgeous pink~hued elixir on marscapone for an elegant dessert, or drizzled on crepes. Keep in mind that this variety of rose is a very fragrant tea rose and the scent is truly swoon~worthy...perfect for Spring & Summer evenings, when the fragrance of the garden can transport the unsuspecting off to Wonderland. You've been warned...

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