Friday, June 1, 2012


Pink Slip Jam is excited as all get~out to begin some wonderful collaborations, both locally & thither & yon. As such, we will be focused on some exclusive offerings for specific locations (ssshhh! It's still in the works!). Meanwhile, the decision has been made to do some streamline adjustments to maintain the price of the jams, to ensure top quality of small batches, and to allow time to contemplate new concoctions! Here are the flavors based on seasons that PSJ will be offering, unless a special order is made.

WINTER: We focus on your friends & mine, the citrus lovelies...
                  Meyer Lemon & Vanilla Jam
                  B & B Marmalade
                  Epiphany Jam

SPRING:  Luscious flavors for this fleeting season...
                  In the Pink
                  Rose City Jam
                  Strawberry Pink Peppercorn

SUMMER:Sultry & full of flavor, reflecting our NW Summer
                   Bluebarb Jam
                   Nevermore Jam
                   Lavender Peach Jam

AUTUMN:Hunkering down for the darker time of year...
                   Heart of Darkness Jam
                   Red Plum & Cinnamon Jam
                   21st. Century Mincemeat (there's no actual 'meat')

Please note: For Chutney Fans (and I am one of them!) I will also be making chutneys sporadically...keep reading & I will be certain to keep everyone in the know!

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