Monday, March 5, 2012


Spring is in the air (well, it is in many may take awhile in the Pacific Northwest). Flowers are blooming, buds are beginning to reveal themselves, and it won't be long till flavors come bursting forth in the guise of green garlic, ramps, nettles, and the first berries. In honor of the newness of it all, Pink Slip Jam is taking a little survey: who was your very first crush?? It could be someone from second grade, perhaps it was in junior high, maybe it was someone on TV or in a band. I am pretty certain all of us have had crushes. Currently I am working on a flavor profile for a new jam I'd like to call First Crush. It has nothing to do with grapes! I have a few ideas but am open for inspiration...If you would like to share a story of your very first crush, I promise to be discreet. I will not tell! Please post a comment here, on FB, or message me on FB and some Pink Slip Jam just may find its' way to you as a little reward!

PS My first crush was on a boy named Ray Stone in the 3rd grade. He wore paisley shirts and had black beetle boots. He was just as inaccessible to me as my TV crush, Davy Jones. It probably all worked out for the best...

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